Monday, 17 August 2009

Why? Why? Why are we bothering? Why?

The Fat of the Land is about making our own visible fat queer culture and presenting that culture within the context of London's already existing queer and trans communities. It seeks to capitalise on the success of the Chubsters event at the 2009 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, which witnessed a fierce outpouring of fat-queer activism in the UK and a hunger expressed by many of the participants for more events of such a nature. The Fat of the Land expands possibilities for fat queer activism by applying a fat lens to a familiar format to create something new, radical and exciting.

The event fits NOLOSE's mission in that it combines low cost, accessible entertainment with fundraising potential; it is open to all and is supportive, inclusive and expansive; it offers opportunities for developing fat consciousness, fat community-building and fat visibility amongst a population that is relatively new to these concepts; it is a defiant celebration of abundance and plenty amidst a 'healthy living' agenda in the UK that is often reductionist, fatphobic and mean, and is thus health-enhancing for people of all sizes. You want challenging, weird, boisterous, empowering, and FUN? We've got it!


  1. I'm so excited folks are realising the need for fat queer activism! I miss that in London after living in montreal, and visiting Portland. Email me if you need help kiera at kjames dot org dot uk

  2. Thanks Kiera, What kind of help can you offer?