Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pie Flyers for All! Please Help Us Out!

Well would you believe it? 21 August – 3 October 2009 is the annual drive to Do A Queer Fatty a Good Turn For Six Weeks, and here's one really easy way that you could help.

See, we're putting on an event for next to no money and, see, we want people to come to it. But people can't come to it unless they know about it. This is where you can help.

1. Download the .pdf of our lovely roughly hewn pie flyer (see link below)
2. Print it on A4 paper
3. Photocopy it a load of times
4. Chop it up into individual flyers
5. Give a flyer to everyone you know and tell them about our fabulous Harvest Festival
6. Bathe in our adoration of you


A4 Fat of the Land Pie Flyer (.pdf, 280kb)


  1. What a fantastic idea! I will endeavor to be there and bring gifts. Please keep me informed


  2. Oh the JOY of seeing a queer event with flyers that say "Child friendly"! Hurrah!

    Very very tempted to make the trip.

    On a practical note... I just printed out a pageful of flyers, and my printer chops off most of the first line on the top two postcards - it can't print that near the edge. Could there possibly be an alternative version with a bigger margin on that side?

  3. I'll do this post-haste and put a pile of them at Pogo Cafe, frequented by queers a-plenty.

    Yay for this!

  4. Jennifer - new version of the flyer has been uploaded, with ore white space at the borders.

    You should come to the event, I think it'll be a lot of fun.