Monday, 17 August 2009

What is The Fat of the Land?

The Fat of the Land is a secular DIY fat queerifying of a traditional harvest gathering. It's a DIY food festival, synthesizing interest in slow food, recession-busting, local food, 'make-and-do' etc with a fat queer sensibility.

We see the event as a celebration of the abundance of harvest time and our connection to the rhythms of nature and creativity, albeit executed in our own idiosyncratic, outsider, warped, prankish, punk, 21st century, Wicker Man style.

The event will take place in the afternoon of Saturday 3 October 2009 at St Anne's, 55 Dean Street, Soho, London. This is a fully accessible venue.

3 October 2009 is the weekend of this year's Harvest Moon!

The Fat of the Land will feature entertainment, games and activities, stalls and information. More about this later when we've had a meeting about it.

The Fat of The Land is being principally organised by me, Charlotte Cooper, and Naz Jamal and Jason Elvis Barker of The Queer Institute. It has been made possible by a Small Projects Across the Land loan by NOLOSE (which we will pay back, honest!).

Please come!

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