Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fab new versions of the Fat Queer Harvest Hymn!

I always suspected that Mike Wyeld and Chopin Gard were the most talented fat queers in town and now I know it's true because, look people, they have recorded their own versions of The Fat Queer Harvest Hymn. Maybe they were inspired to do so by themselves, they both get a name-check in the hymn.

Version one makes them sound like a pair of medieval minstrels wandering the hills and dales (.mp3, 2.1mb) with a fol-de-rol and a hey nonny no. They've sampled my recorder too!

Version two blows my mind as Chopin channels Hendrix at Woodstock (.mp3, 964kb). Swoon.

Version three is a hoot - your very own karaoke version! (.mp3, 2mb) record your own vocals on top, in any lo-fi way you choose, and submit it to the blog. I will find a crap prize from under the settee cushion for the best.

Listen, enjoy, and come and sing the hymn with all of us at The Fat of the Land on 3 October.

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