Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stalls at the Fat of the Land

We've got some amazing stalls at the Fat of the Land, with stuff for you to buy, stuff to eat, stuff at which to marvel, and displays of crafts and activities that are close to our queer chub hearts.

Not only will you be able to buy zines, but there'll be a zine display and you'll be able to make a zine on the day too. Naughty and Nice Cakes are likely to be popular, and Anna Small is bringing her crafts – double pleasure whammy. Blackwells are bringing a selection of Fat of the Land books for you to snap up (they accept plastic too) and DIVA mag, whose Fat issue is now out, are going to be doing the tombola. We've got displays of stonemasonry and quilting, there will be Yay! Scales for you to try out thanks to the crowd from Health At Every Size UK, a Krazy Karrots game, and some mad things that don't have a name yet. And we've got a lot of tea that needs drinking.

Simon 'Weasel' Murphy has been busy making the Chubuzzer which will receive its inaugural outing at the Fat of the Land (see pic above). Homemade fat queer electronics projects! Yay! Dare you pit your wits against its buzzery goodness? How fiendishly difficult could it be? There'll be prizes for those who make it to the end.

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  1. Charlotte ~ I'm just catching up on my emails -- and was about to write a message of support for the lucky fat queers of the UK who will be attending this event (along with everyone else) -- and see that RIGHT NOW this event is going on! So, I'm there with you in spirit. I celebrate what you are doing. I am in total amazement and awe at ALL of you who pulled together to create this truly remarkable, fun, and important event! I hope you are all having the most wonderful time! Cheers!
    Kathy -- a fat queer in Michigan who wishes I were with you today