Monday, 28 September 2009

The Diet Box of Doom

I remember going to harvest festivals when I was a kid with a tin of some unwanted food to put into a crepe paper-covered box for 'the needy'. This was usually some random group of old or disabled people who hadn't asked for our somewhat stingy charity and who would have been better off with civil rights than a dusty can of rice pudding from the back of my family's cupboard.

But a harvest festival is a festival of giving that comes from being glad of what we have, yet also slightly condescending to those whom we perceive to have less than us, and wanting them to be grateful for our beneficence. We want to uphold this tradition at the Fat of the Land, and give to those who are less well-off than ourselves, the somewhat tragic, the people and organisations who just don't get it.

We're going to be giving some queer chub action back to the diet industry.

The Fat of the Land will feature a Diet Box of Doom, a place where you can leave unwanted slimming ephemera, as well as any other non-perishables you'd like to donate. This will then be given to a weight loss multinational, or an odious diet guru voted for by people at the Fat of the Land.

What to bring:

Diet books and magazines, calorie counting accessories, weight loss recipes, tape measures, diet scales, weighing scales, defaced slimming advertisements, laxatives, personal accounts of dieting, stories of body fascism, pictures, poems, food diaries, videos and DVDs, diet sheets, clothes that you bought to slim into but never managed to fit, anything that you'd like people who profit from dieting to know or to have, or whatever you think should go into a Diet Box of Doom.

What will happen:

When we have voted for a recipient, Charlotte will package up the box nicely and deliver it by hand to the company's UK CEO or guru at their headquarters. This will be documented on the Fat of the Land blog.


  1. This is wonderful! Just last night i was thinking about getting rid of a stack of diets books i have collecting dusk on my bookshelf and wondering who to give it to (i have no enemies at the moment!). Unfortunately shipping costs are prohibitive as I am all the way down here in Brazil, but i'll be following the whole FotL shebang with delight. Chub on :D !

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Claudia, are you sure you don't want to spend a wodge of money and endure an uncomfortable journey to London next Saturday? You'd be very welcome.

  3. LOVE the idea.....maybe when they have a desk of idiotic diet BS they might stop what they are doing.....(oh wait they make money off this stuff)

  4. Believe me when I say if I could, I would! But I'll be there in spirit and i might even bake a cake to celebrate.
    I was going to wish you the best of luck, but with your strength and enthusiasm (that seem to have attracted so many awesome folks to the cause) I don't think you really need that. Chub on!