Tuesday, 8 September 2009

There will be corn dollies at the Fat of the Land

Cathy Ward has generously agreed to make us some corn dollies, thrill-seekers.

Cathy's a Real Artist and, unlike some fakers, she really deserves the title. Her website, catharyneward.com. has examples of her sublime art, which has been exhibited all over the place. I know a lot of luvvies overuse the word sublime, but here it is entirely appropriate. Feast your eyes.

Been to Portsmouth recently? Then you may have seen Cathy's work in the joint exhibition Tender Vessels with regular collaborator Eric Wright. Look, corn dollies here too! Cathy says: "My dollies won't be quite like these in Tender Vessels, which I designed and had specially made. I'm giving it some thought at what I can make that's pertinent to the theme, and will try give you also an image that's corn dolli-ish but about more political things that maybe you can use in some way. Ok, that's my work cut out for next week!"

Want to see some older Cathy and Eric collaborations? Have a look at Transromantik.

I tried to write something about what Cathy and Eric's work meant to me a while back, with mixed results. I struggle to put into words what I see when I look at their stuff. Oh well! You can read my thing too, if you fancy (.pdf, 104kb).

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