Monday, 7 September 2009

Look at these amazing knitted things

I went to the Epping Forest Festival yesterday and saw many things, including this incredible array of knitted cosies. Intense!

I've been pestering Kay to make me some mug cosies and wondered if there were any knitters in the house who would like to have a stab at them, they look pretty simple. Perhaps someone could write down a pattern for us to share here? Or pictures of your own knitted endeavours?


  1. I could probably make some super basic ones. Could do stripey ones?

  2. I would think a mug cosie would just be a tube, that went kind of wrong somwhere along the line. I haven't done any knitting for ages but this is very tempting indeed.

    ps- I REALLY want to come to the event but if I can't get up to London please make someone post some jam/cake/tea to me.


  3. Camilla - I'll swap you a mug cosy for some jam.